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How a BPS members becomes a BPS.
Our impact on self-confidence and aspirations
Think back to when you were young. Who helped you to believe in yourself and what you could accomplish? All Four One Brightest Star Program men-tors, donors, families, advocates and supporters work hard to encourage and support today's children. When those children believe in themselves and what they can accomplish, they'll enjoy better relationships with their friends, families, and peers and help to create safer, stronger communities.
What are a BPS member and Youth to do?

Each match is unique. Getting together doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activity—just a few hours every month doing things the youth and members already enjoy. For example: Developing Better Communication Skill Reading books Going to a sporting event
Providing advice and inspiration
Some members meet their youths on the weekends. Others get together with their youth in the evenings. Each match develops a schedule that works for them.

Sometimes the best place for enjoying activities together is at the child’s school. And, the best part is, it can be a great learning experience, in or out of the classroom.
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