Collection and Toy Distribution: This is the process of obtaining and delivering toys to local All Four One Coordinators and providing the support and assistance those Coordinators need to conduct effective toy collection and distribution campaigns in their communities. Toy collection includes a combination of locally donated toys, those purchased by All Four One, and those donated by corporations.

Support of Local Coordinators: This involves arranging the creation, publication, manufacture and delivery of an array of promotion and support materials to local Coordinators. It includes managing all financial matters for local Coordinators as well as updating and publishing a manual for the conduct of local programs. Concisely stated, this activity encompasses providing a wide range of support to nearly 20 years All Four One Coordinators and their support groups. Today, there are nearly 1,000 AFO members, and volunteers involved in annual campaigns.

Education: The Foundation conducts an annual public information and education campaign. This activity is designed to give the general public a clear understanding of the benefits that accrue to individuals, communities and the nation from All Four One. It increases visibility and name recognition, and calls the general public support in All Four One. The campaign includes distributing a series of news releases, distributing TV and radio public service announcements, publishing newsletters arranging media events and appearances, arranging for national corporations to incorporate information about All Four One into their paid advertisements, conducting special events, maintaining a website and distributing educational material about All Four One to the general public.
Donate a Toy 
Donating a Toy is one of the experiences that makes All Four One Holiday Harvest Toy Drive different from other programs.
When you place a toy in a All Four One Holiday Harvest Toy Drive collection box or donate it to one of our Local Campaigns, you experience the joy of knowing that toy will be under the tree in a family's home and bring a smile to a less fortunate child Christmas morning. This gives our supporters a unique personal connection to All Four One Holiday Harvest Toy Drive.
Toy Drop Site Locations and toy collections are setup and managed by the All Four One Holiday Harvest Toy Drive Campaign. Contact us to find your All Four One Holiday Harvest Toy Drive Campaign and see where you can bring a little Christmas to a less fortunate child.
Thank you for supporting All Four One.
Holiday Harvest Toy Drive