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For over 20 years our Agency organized efforts to advance human welfare; social work and provide adequate service, such as counseling or healthcare, provided by a government or by a charitable organization to advance human welfare, especially for disadvantaged people. The many partners and volunteers who have given their time, counsel and resources to improve the capacity building have help drive our success.

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The Mission

Empowering communities and conducting positive methods expectation while utilizing constructive use of time building a commitment to learning developing positive values social competencies and positive identity creating a strong foundation to the leaders of tomorrow.

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While the basic goals and revenue-generating activities of All Four One have not changed greatly over the years, the types of people served have. All Four One serves people who face a variety of barriers to education, including physical or mental disabilities, illiteracy, homelessness, inadequate education and welfare dependency. The ultimate goal is to provide secure and strengthen this environment for the future generations.

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