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Adopt-a-School Program


Program Description

The Adopt-a-School Program is a DCPS initiative launched in 2015 by the School Partnerships Division (SPD) in the Office of Family and Public Engagement. This program provides a structured pathway for partnership between DCPS schools and our community of supporters. This program is intended for corporate and community organizations interested in building relationships with schools that support student success for a minimum of one academic year. During this collaboration, partners and schools will work together to determine how to best connect partner resources and interests with the school’s unique needs. This relationship is a joint effort led by the school and partner, and supported by the SPD.

Adopt-a-School Partner Activities

There are endless ways for partners to support students and schools. We strongly encourage partners start with their strengths and organizational philanthropic priorities, and then work collaboratively with the school to develop a shared vision grounded in serving students and the school community.

Below is a list of possible activities:

  • Serve as judge for fairs and competitions

  • Support school events including career fairs, field days or teacher appreciation week

  • Donate school supplies and equipment

  • Volunteer for school beautification projects  

AFO Partners

At AFO Adopt-a-School Public Schools, we define a partner as an organization or group that is committed to work with AFO to make sustainable impact on a shared goal around student success.

Across the district, we have community partners in our schools that provide their time, resources or financial support. We believe that partnerships are an integral component to school and student success and we are fortunate to have partners who sponsor school initiatives, invite students to events and implement valuable programs.

Glazer New Paradigm Academy Partnership with the Adopt-A-School Program
Glazer Adopt-A-School.jpg
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